Advanced Production Process

Good materials can only provide good quality for the product if the production process is right;

Special construction of the garments is used to improve comfort and good fit to allow kids to move and play freely;

To insure waterproof qualities of the garments all seams are taped waterproof with special waterproof tape;

Red Zeroes™ uses specially designed trims and fittings to insure safety of the kids. No loose drawstrings and loops, soft shell snaps, and much more;

All garments are furnished with fastening accessories, such as elastic string holders in hemline of the jackets and snow-guard elastic ribbons on pants bottom openings, which insure that warmth is trapped inside of the garment and at the same time keep cold air, rain, and snow on the outside;

Strategic placement of different kinds of fabric in places of the garment to enhance comfort, durability, and safety of the clothes:

  1. Using soft fabric such as fleece in details of the garment, which are in direct contact with a skin, for example, inner cuff of the sleeve or inner part of the collar;
  2. Using high durability fabric such as CORDURA in places, which are easy to wear-off. For example, palm of the gloves or bottom pants binding;
  3. Windproof but not soundproof earpiece pads build in all our knitted hats; additional protection of the ears from wind, but at the same time insures that wearer aware of the his/her surroundings;

Reflective elements placed on the front and back of the garments enhancing visibility of the kids in darker hours of the day and increasing their safety;

Outer shell fabric protects against environmental elements such as humidity, rain, snow, and wind, but allows the body to breathe and moisture to evaporate. These are important factors in staying warm and comfortable;

Front panel zipper is furnished with storm flaps (under zipper called wind-stop placket, covering zipper called front wind-stop placket) to block wind and water;

Special construction of the front pocket openings prevents snow and water to enter a pocket; all pockets are furnished with zippers as well;

All parts of Red Zeroes™ products are insulated using synthetic fiber Thinsulate. Different body parts have different temperature and require different insulation. Red Zeroes™ places precise amounts of insulation in the hood, body, sleeve and pants for optimal level of warmth and mobility. This technique called zonal placement placement of insulation: body 200 gr, sleeve and pants 150 gr, hood, collar, plackets 80 gr.

Advance Quality Testing 

To guarantee performance quality of the fabric, materials are tested several times during development stage and also before and after garment production.

 All fabrics used in Red Zeroes™ branded apparel are specifically designed and developed by company research and development department in cooperation with fabric manufacturing mills. Quality is insured by world-renowned testing laboratory SGS. Red Zeroes™ brand formed long-term partnership with words leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS. SGS is an independent laboratory with top of the line testing equipment;
To evaluate performance quality of the materials Red Zeroes™ brand adopted testing methods developed by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM);

Further more, finished garments and all raw materials are tested for restricted substances and against other safety standards imposed by international organizations to insure safety for the consumer.

About Us

We designed Red Zeroes as fun, but practical clothes that are built to last. By using the most advanced materials currently available, innovative design and construction we created a brand that will give your child exceptional freedom of motion, warmth, comfort, and safety.

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