Stylish Design

With all that technology we are still managing to produce fun and stylish clothes for kids. Our designers never sacrifice the style for function and vice versa. In Red Zeroes™ apparel design and function complement each other in perfect harmony.

Red Zeroes™ collection designed in a way that upper pieces (jackets and such) could be purchased separately and if necessary could be combined with pants and accessories as a set. Insures one stop shopping for a busy parent;

All garments are color coordinated: easy to mix and match;

To add color and fun to the winter garments most of Red Zeroes™ apparel produced with printed shell fabric. All print designs designed from the scratch by in-house designer. One of the kind feel of the garment, not a mass produced brand;

Accessories suppliers develop branded fastening and trimming materials specially designed for Red Zeroes™ garments. All accessories have Red Zeroes™ logo to insure authenticity of the garments. While showing attention to details, company is investing in creating a recognizable brand;

Reflective piping and prints are worked-in to a garment designs as a decorative trims but at the same time have practical function to keep kids visible and safe. Performance materials are integrated into design of the garments;

Company pays as much attention to esthetics of the internal part of the garment as to external design. Red Zeroes™ garment can be recognized by Red Zeroes™ branded lining, and decorative piping imbedded in the inside facing seams of the clothes. Inner piping and sew-in labels have light reflective quality.

About Us

We designed Red Zeroes as fun, but practical clothes that are built to last. By using the most advanced materials currently available, innovative design and construction we created a brand that will give your child exceptional freedom of motion, warmth, comfort, and safety.

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